Gaudí Toldos in Barcelona

At Gaudí Toldos in Barcelona we provide top sunshade solutions. We offer our customers top quality awnings combining great functionality and design. We are a family-run business and pride ourselves on our excellent customer care. Since we started in 1985, our ambition has been to provide top quality products and outstanding service.

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Our awnings shop offers a wide range of sunshade products, including an outstanding catalogue of:

Shade sails

We also offer interior tailor-made shutters, including a wide range of solutions from classic curtains to technical blinds.

We cater for all kinds of needs

We have over 33 years of experience catering for the needs of our customers and providing outstanding solutions for homes, business offices, bars & restaurants, shops... Our comprehensive service includes tailored advice to support our customers in their decision making and help them find the best sunshade solution for them.

If you are looking for a quality sunshade specialist in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us. Come visit Gaudí Toldos – we will be delighted to assist you and show you all we have on offer.

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